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  • Now that you mention it, it would be pretty difficult to get your fingers off of the buttons in time. I bet that's what's going on.
    Odd.. it's possible that something might fluctuate when you SR. I haven't really done it.
    It isn't really that much of a problem, since you only have to hit seconds. It doesn't usually vary that much. You can probably SR instead though if you really wanted to.
    Interesting.. Looks like although he and I have the same, they actually vary as much as regular carts do. He suggested it to me as well. I'm pretty happy with it, especially now. To answer your question, the U version and the E version are the same one. So, yes, English.
    Just fyi, I talked to someone with a vframe of 7. So search 0 through 1F for that.
    To be honest, I'm not sure what codes make it change and such. I took a couple off and my timer0 went up 1 and my vframe went down 1. Not sure why but re-enabling them fixed it. The IV/EV check are good enough that you can just leave them on, to be honest. And you can let me know if you want. Bond and I both have the same parameters.. so it may be universal, I don't know.
    Thanks. I'm glad it helped you out.
    You can search for your parameters in about these ranges. Honestly, it'll probably end up identical to mine, but here are some ranges to search:
    VCount: 30-50
    Timer0: 750-780
    GxStat: 6.. just 6.
    VFrame: 10 - 1F

    I'd use 0-59 seconds because there's a delay between when you start the game and when it reseeds. On a flash cart, this is kinda long (~3.5 seconds for me). It's actually really easy with standard seeds on a DSTWO because our parameters are consistent. So you don't have to worry about that. Well, sometimes codes affect it a little.. but if you always leave the same ones one, it'll be the same.
    Oh yeah about the corpish.. I kinda met one today in Dream world xD I could trade you a Zuruzukin and pick something else thought, but do you need the Zuruzukin now or can you wait til you are out of the hospital? I'm not sure how to extract pkmn files, but since I'm playing on flash cart I guess its possible for me to do it?
    Hi, I catched a female Dratini today, so I wonder if I could pick a Corpish instead. ^^'
    Thats okay ^^ Not really in a hurry for it, 28th should be fine ^^ I Hope you will have a good time :D
    Hi hi, I would love to have a dream world female Dratini, but I don't think I have any D/W females that you need, maybe Swablu? Otherwise could you CMT for it? ^^
    Nice doing you battle, we should schedule a battle, I never really fought a real person before O.o
    OMFG! lets just agree on a time I guess tomorrow night, write me back and I'll be sure to be in the wifi room at the accorded time because this has become troublesome.....
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